About us

Phenix Pro LLC was founded by two contractors with more than 30 years of combined experience. As remodelers, we have seen firsthand the major damage that can hit an entire home as a result of a failing roof – either through age or poor installation.

Our expertise is focused on the installation and maintenance of all roofing systems used in the commercial, Residential and institutional roofing context. Phenix philosophy of ‘Doing It Right the First Time’ has earned us the reputation and recognition as the region fastest growing company.

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Whether we are performing a $300 repair or a $300,000 roof replacement, our communication, our attention to detail, and our desire to under-promise and over-deliver come first; even before our profits.

We are committed to excellence

We are committed to being the absolute best in the industry in every area. From our installation methods, to our project management, to our office support, and response time, we believe you will see just how passionate we are about excellence. For us, it’s not a practice; it’s a lifestyle.

Free First Consultation

When you call Phenix Pro, one of our highly-trained roofing professionals will come out, inspect your roof and provide an honest assessment as to what needs to be done, all at no cost to you.